More Information About the Home Repair Assistance Programs

“This program has helped us because we had a great deal of repairs to do inside and out but it was hard to do, due to our income. We heard about this program and decided to apply and got accepted. We are very grateful to Heart of the City for the help.
We are very satisfied with the program and all the repairs that were done in our home. Our home is beautiful, warmer and more secure with our new windows and the repairs in the structure of the house. We would recommend this program to other and we did. This program has helped us so much. We have no words to express our gratitude.”
Judy and Thomas Lopez, Homeowners assisted through HOCN’s Home Repair Program



This program is funded by the New York State Affordable Housing Corporation



Home Repair Assistance Programs

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. (HOCN)  believes that the repair of existing homes within the neighborhood is crucial to the stability and longevity of the community. Home repair programs have become one of our most popular initiatives due to the age of the housing stock in the neighborhood and the need for repairs. We currently have grant assistance from the NYS Affordable Housing Corporation to assist homeowners in the 14201 and 14202 zip codes with needed repairs to their homes.

What Should I Know Before Applying?
  • This is not an emergency program. We work off a first come, first serve waiting list as funding becomes available.
  • HOCN uses the whole house approach. This means we cannot only repair a roof; we must address all health and safety violations. Applicants may be disqualified if the cost of work is outside of our budget.
  • The cost of work is repaid through a forgivable loan. This means that applicants are not required to pay out of pocket. Liens will be placed on the property for a total of 10 years. If you have stayed in the home for 10 years, you loan will be repaid in full.
Is Home Repair Assistance Right For Me?

The minor home repair program can be an exciting but time consuming process. The entire program will take a minimum of 6 months to complete. Because the applicant does not need to pay out of their pocket for this program, their payment comes in the form of cooperation.
The applicant must agree to:

  • Return documents in a timely manner;
  • Make home available for several inspections; and
  • Agree to a 10 year lien on the property.
How Do The Home Repair Assistance Programs Work?

Step 1:  Income Qualification
Please know applicants may be disqualified if they are over the income limits set by New York State.

Step 2: Initial Inspection Performed By Construction Monitor
Please know that HOCN works within a strict budget and unfortunately cannot assist homes in need of more repair than our budget will allow for.

Step 3: Application Approval
If you are income qualified and your work estimate is within our budget, you will receive official approval as a participant of the program.

Step 4: State Set-Up
Please allow up to 15 days for HOCN to coordinate this process with New York State, the funder of your forgivable loan.

Step 5: Bidding Begins
Licensed contractors will be given the opportunity to submit a bid for construction at your home.

Step 6: Pre-Construction Meeting
HOCN will introduce you to your contractor and walk you through work that will be done on your home.

Step 7: Construction Begins
Please know that the timeframe for work depends on the availability of supplies and detail of work to be completed.

Step 8: Final Inspection
Our Construction Monitor will sign-off on all completed work.

Step 9: Homeowner Approvals
The homeowner will sign off on work completed and sign paperwork to begin the lien process.

Step 11: Annual Residency Check
Each year for 10 years, program participants will be required to confirm residency.

Am I Eligible?

To qualify, Applicants must:

  • Be located in the 14201 or 14202 zip code;
  • Own a 1-4 unit residential home;
  • Occupy the property as the principle resident and homeowner (the name on the deed);
  • Not own or be listed on the deed of any other properties;
  • Complete a program application and provide all required income verification and homeowners documentation, including but not limited to your homeowner’s insurance, deed, proof of income, tax returns, and bank statements;
  • Be able to make your home available for several inspections, assessments, and construction; and
  • Agree to a 10 year lien on the property.
Income Guidelines

Household Size / Maximum Annual Income (80% of AMI)*

  • 1 / $43,050
  • 2 / $49,200
  • 3 / $55,350
  • 4 / $61,500
  • 5 / $66,450
  • 6 / $71,350
  • 7 / $76,300
  • 8 / $81,200

*These income guidelines are based on 2019 numbers and are subject to change

How Can I Apply?

HOCN is now accepting applications! Please call (716) 882-7661 to learn more.

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