More information on the Home Grown Homeownership (HGH) Program


This program is provided by the City of Buffalo Owner Occupied Housing Assistance Programs.


Home Grown Homeownership Progam

Are you a first time homebuyer looking to purchase a single or a double family home in the City of Buffalo? Eligible low-income, first time homebuyers may be eligible to purchase a vacant home from the City of Buffalo Division of Real Estate and receive funding to make needed repairs to make the home code compliant and ready for move in. Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. (HOCN) is currently assisting homebuyers with processing applications for the City of Buffalo’s Home Grown Homeownership (HGH) Program.

Assistance is only available for income eligible first-time homebuyers who are using a SONYMA Remodel NY Mortgage and looking to purchase a single or double family home from eligible properties at the City of Buffalo Division of Real Estate.

Funding assistance is provided by the City of Buffalo/ Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency as a deferred payment, zero percent interest loan (conditional grant.) Funding assistance will only fill the financing gap, if needed. Funding assistance may be available for rehabilitation costs, related soft costs, and down payment and closing cost assistance.


 To qualify you must…

  •  Be an eligible first time homebuyer (have never owned a home or have not owned a home during a three-year period prior to purchase of home.)
  • Be prepared to purchase a single or double family house from the eligible City of Buffalo Division of Real Estate inventory, within the legal limits of the City of Buffalo, New York to be owned and occupied by the purchaser.
  • Be pre-qualified for a SONYMA Remodel NY mortgage (locally available from M&T Bank.)
  • Plan to occupy the house to be purchased for at least ten years.
  • Complete a HUD certified homebuyer education class, including programs available through Belmont Housing Resources, Buffalo Urban League, and West Side Neighborhood Housing Services.
  • Have a household income of no less than 50% and no more than 80% of the area median income*, based on family size (see chart below.)
Income Guidelines

*Household Size / Gross Annual Income (50-80% of AMI)

1 / $26,150 – $41,850
2 / $29,900 – $47,800
3 / $33,650 – $53,800
4 / $37,350 – $59,750
5 / $40,350 – $64,550
6 / $43,350 – $69,350
7 / $46,350 – $74,100
8 / $49,350 – $78,900

These income guidelines are based on 2018 numbers and are subject to change


How Can I Apply?

For more information, contact our office at (716) 882-7661

 This website was produced in part with the assistance of the City of Buffalo/ City of Buffalo Urban Renewal Agency through the Community Development Block Grant and/or HOME Program(s.)