More Information About the Stable Homes Program

“I had money to pay for [my] house, but not for the needed repairs. Things are now how they should be. Good quality work and [HOCN] kept me informed of what was going on.”
Rosita Scott
,  Homeowner assisted through Stable Homes Program

“I am just so appreciative to have had [the work on my home] done. The process was thorough, with a proper inspection. [HOCN] knew what needed to be fixed and they did it right.”
Marie Malinowski
, Homeowner assisted through Stable Homes Program

Stable Homes: A Key to Independent Living

The age of a home can lead to high maintenance demands and is associated with risk factors such as exposures to lead, asthma triggers, safety hazards and mental health stressors.  As community-minded service providers, we know that focusing on prevention is critical.

Stable Homes, a program designed by Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. and Learning Disabilities Association of WNY, was established to respond to this situation. It provides individuals with developmental disabilities, who are at a high-risk of being negatively affected by health hazards in their home, with grants for necessary home improvements and repairs to ensure that their home remains healthy and sustainable.

What Will Funding Cover?
  • Grants will repair:
  • Roofs
  • Windows & Doors
  • Furnaces
  • Structure Stability
  • Safety & Code Violations
  • Deficient Plumbing & Electrical Systems

*Please note: Repairs are subject to budget limits

Am I Eligible?

To qualify, Applicants must:

  • Have documentation of a developmental disability;
  • Occupy the property as the principle resident and homeowner;
  • Be located in the City of Buffalo;
  • Complete an approved homeowner’s education course; and
  • Complete a Stable Homes program application and provide all required income verification and homeowners documentation.
Income Guidelines

Household Size / Income (80% of AMI)*
•    1 / $37,900
•    2 / $43,300
•    3 / $48,700
•    4 / $54,100
•    5 / $58,450
•    6 / $62,800
*These income guidelines are based on 2015 numbers and are subject to change

How Can I Apply?

If you are interested in becoming a part of one of the Stable Homes programs, please contact Jennifer Steimer of Learning Disabilities  Associates at (716) 874-7200 ext 159