Inclusionary Zoning Recommendation for Buffalo

inclusionary-zoning_-policy-recomendationYou know we value affordable housing, which is why we support adopting an Inclusionary Zoning Policy in the City of Buffalo. The City of Buffalo is experiencing fast-rising rents and housing prices in the midst of severe and growing poverty. New housing is being built, with generous subsidies from the taxpayers, but most of it is luxury or market-rate apartments and condominiums. When the public is providing so much support to the private market, it makes sense to ask that the development also serve a public purpose.

Inclusionary zoning is a proven tool to leverage new development for the creation of affordable housing.  It helps to create or preserve mixed income neighborhoods where all are welcome.  As part of its new land use policies, the City of Buffalo should enact an inclusionary zoning policy.

Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc. has worked with the Buffalo Inclusionary Housing Coalition to develop a proposal for our City leaders to review, entitled “Inclusionary Zoning: Creating Equity and Lasting Affordability in the City of Buffalo, New York.” Under the proposal, whenever a developer created new housing in the City of Buffalo with 10 or more units, 30% or more of the units would be reserved as affordable housing units. The affordable units would be available for individuals or families who fall below 60% of the Annual Area Median Income Limits.

Click here to view the Buffalo Inclusionary Housing Coalition’s policy recommendation for the City of Buffalo.

The Inclusionary Housing Coalition includes HOCN, Housing Opportunities Made Equal, LISC Buffalo, Open Buffalo, Partnership for the Public Good, and PUSH Buffalo. Research for the report was contributed by Cornell University High Road Fellows Victorian Neenan and Skye Hart.



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