Meeting Held to Discuss Vacant Properties

May 09, 2012 11:03AM  BUFFALO YNN
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A local non profit met earlier today to talk about vacant housing in Buffalo, and look at creative solutions for combating the problem.

Local leaders say a lot can be done to help eliminate vacant housing, but the most important thing is cooperation across municipal lines. Leaders say vacant properties can bring a host of problems.

“Not only do they impact property values, they decrease confidence in a neighborhood, they cost more for municipalities, for police services, for clean and seal, for road abatement, it’s more expensive for people to get insurance for their homes, there’s a host of problems that vacant properties bring.,” said Anthony Armstrong, Program Officer of Buffalo LISC.

This was the final installment of a breakfast series by Heart of the City Neighborhoods…
which runs a re-use program rehabbing vacant homes and reselling them to first time home buyers.

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