Green and Healthy Homes


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“I was very pleased that I was able to have my needs taken care of and with respect on top of it. I’m very happy to tell all who ask about the work done to my home. Once the process was started, it rolled very smoothly. I also like that I was frequently checked up on by Heart of the City staff. Thank you so much for all of your dedication and hard work in this neighborhood. It is much appreciated!!!”
Anna Gonez
Homeowner assisted through our Planning to Stay Program

“I have recommended friends and neighbors to the program. Without the program, it would have taken me a long time to fix and repair the things that the program did for me. I’m very grateful to the program, I can’t thank you enough.”
Felicitia Santana
Homeowner assisted through our Planning to Stay Program

“This program has helped us because we had a great deal of repairs to do inside and out but it was hard to do, due to our income. We heard about this program and decided to apply and got accepted. We are very grateful to Heart of the City for the help.
We are very satisfied with the program and all the repairs that were done in our home. Our home is beautiful, warmer and more secure with our new windows and the repairs in the structure of the house. We would recommend this program to other and we did. This program has helped us so much. We have no words to express our gratitude.”
Judy and Thomas Lopez
Homeowners assisted through our Green & Healthy Homes Program

“I had money to pay for [my] house, but not for the needed repairs. Things are now how they should be. Good quality work and [HOCN] kept me informed of what was going on.”
Rosita Scott
Homeowner assisted through our Stable Homes Program

“I am just so appreciative to have had [the work on my home] done. The process was thorough, with a proper inspection. [HOCN] knew what needed to be fixed and they did it right.”
Marie Malinowski
Homeowner assisted through our Stable Homes Program

“We had so many repairs to be made on the house, serious repairs. It was our only option. I am a senior citizen and needed electrical work to be done, window replacement, a new roof, and many other things.
We are very satisfied with the work and our home is more secure and safe to live in. The repairs on the roof stopped leak damage and the chimney was replaced. The electric was updated. It is all a wonderful change.
I think the people and the work was great. You have confidence in these people, just watching how great they worked and the pride they took in the work they did. I am so grateful for the quality in their character and the quality of their work.”
Virginia Michels
Homeowner assisted through our Planning to Stay Program

“The project helped me achieve my goals in life and my well-being, improving my house situation, and my plans to stay in Buffalo. I’m very satisfied and everything was well done. I recommend to all my neighbors, friends, and family because it’s a great program.”
Luis Vazquez
Homeowner assisted through our Planning to Stay Program

“Really comfortable and fantastic experience. Everybody at Heart of the City was absolutely helpful and available whenever I needed anything. I love the house!”
Adam Weekly
Homeowner through our H.O.P.E. Program