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April 1, 2015

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2014 Community Feedback Survey Results
January 7, 2015
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Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.

Providing Quality Housing Opportunities since 1998

Welcome Letter from our Executive Director

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Heart of the City Neighborhoods website.

Heart of the City Neighborhoods mission is to create, facilitate and support housing and neighborhood development in the Lower West Side of the City of Buffalo.

This is accomplished by creating programs to improve the quality of affordable residential housing. HOCN partners with private developers, neighborhood leaders, the City, and other not-for-profit organizations to develop sustainable projects to improve Lower West Side neighborhoods.

The Lower West Side is a dynamic community that is well positioned for the future. As we develop the vision for its future, we celebrate its past, and embrace the present. Heart of the City Neighborhoods is guided by the concept of stewardship. We understand that our decisions today will have a lasting impact on tomorrow and so each decision that impacts the community must be carefully considered. Heart of the City and various community organizations are working diligently to provide residents and future generations an outstanding quality of life. The theme that motivates and guides this administration is “Preservation and Progress” – preservation of all that makes the Lower West Side special and progress in meeting the needs of the community.  As residents of this community, I encourage you to embrace the unique opportunities for entertainment, recreation and dining that our community has to offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact any of our staff as we remain committed to working in partnership with all of our area residents and community leaders. Again, thank you for visiting our website and welcome to the Lower West Side.

Kind Regards,
Stephanie J. Simeon, Executive Director
Heart of the City Neighborhoods, Inc.

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